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All Aboard - Fireworks with Mini Minstrels

Welcome to the series of lesson plans & music books written and published by Mini Minstrels. Whether you are a nursery, pre-school, school, parent or whether you want to become your own early years music practitioner, then our lesson plans & books will enable you to deliver fun and educational, themed music lessons.

The lesson plans are easy to follow, they cover many of the topics and learning goals for the Early Years Foundation Stage and they will enable you to run engaging music classes whether you are musical or not!

Fireworks Lesson Plan Content

All of the free, non-commercial music tracks needed to run this plan can be found by searching for ‘Mini Minstrels’ in the iTunes store or can be accessed from this link Podcasts. The songs available in the Fireworks lesson plan are:

01 Welcome Song

02 Mini Minstrels Theme Song

03 Shape Song

04 Sound Song

05 Sound Effect - Firework

06 Little Firework Song

07 Sparklers Song

08 Instruments - Pop Goes the Weasel

09 Firework Picture Game - Popcorn

10 Twinkle, Twinkle

11 Listening - Music for the Royal Fireworks

12 Goodbye Song

Lesson Plans

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