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Music Education

There is no need to explain the well researched developmental benefits of exposing our children to music from a very young age.

We started our music business back in 2005 and wanted to provide music education that was fun and appealing for the children.

We have amassed a vast amount of musical material along the way and have organised this into a series of themed musical lessons. The wonderful feedback and response we have received from both the parents and the children, who have attended our classes, have made us determined to make our unique style of music education available to all.

So here we have it, the first volume in a series of Mini Minstrels  books, to be used by anyone who has a need or desire to bring music to young children’s ears...

All Aboard - First Stop for Mini Minstrels

Our second book in the ‘All Aboard’ series is also available:

All Aboard - Through the Seasons with Mini Minstrels

Our third book in the ‘All Aboard’ series is due to be published very soon:

All Aboard - Around the World with Mini Minstrels

Our books will enable anyone, musical or not, to run fun and educational music sessions. We have taken away the considerable time that it takes to plan and prepare each music sessions.The music plans are; simple to follow, great fun for the adults as well as the children, educational and will teach the children their colours, shapes, countries and much more, all to music.