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Early Years Music Books

So far, we have published two out of a planned eight books and we are working on our third. All of our Early Years books are easy enough for anyone to use whether you are musical or not. They are aimed at anyone who has a need or desire to bring music to young children’s ears.

Our first volume in the series of Mini Minstrels ‘All Aboard’ books is:

All Aboard - First Stop for Mini Minstrels

Our second book in the ‘All Aboard’ series is:

All Aboard - Through the Seasons with Mini Minstrels

Our third book in the ‘All Aboard’ series is due to be published in the near future:

All Aboard - Around the World with Mini Minstrels

We have taken away the considerable time that it takes to plan and prepare engaging music sessions.The music plans are simple to follow, great fun for the adults as well as the children, educational and will teach the children their colours, shapes, countries and much more, all to music!

The books take a very sensory approach to learning, using music as the tool to teach colours, shapes, rhyme and rhythm, counting, knowledge and understanding of the world and so much more.  The ideas are very new and exciting and inspire and promote creativity, imagination and self expression.  The books use visual props, toys and different textured materials. This book is packed with ideas and is right up with modern technology using music downloads and an MP3 player so that the music available is not limited to a single CD. This gives the ability to have a child lead class.  

If you are looking for something modern, new and exciting to enhance your music sessions then these books are for you.