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Children’s Parties

So you've tried the magician, the bouncy castle and the play barn and now you want something different....

Over the years we have developed a wide range of exciting story adventure parties for children aged 3 upwards. Our parties are unique in that we can design a party from scratch based on your child's favourite: TV program, song, film, book, toy, colour etc. Click on the link to find out more about our existing themes. Your children are guaranteed to come away with fantastic memories for a long time to come.....

Music Books

Whether you are a nursery, pre-school or school and have a need or desire to bring music to young children’s ears then please take a look at our themed music books by following the links ....

All Aboard - First Stop Through the Seasons Around the World

Music Lesson Plans for the Early Years

We have many themed music lesson plans available for immediate download from this website. Here is just a sample of the many plans available and we are adding new plans regularly:

Lesson Plans Lesson Plans Lesson Plans

Free Music Lesson Plans to Try

Our ‘Teddies’ music plan is available to download for free from the TES website (please remember to leave a review). All the non-commercial music tracks that you need to run the plan are available to download for free fromthe Mini Minstrels website or on iTunes.

Free Colouring Pages

All our books and lesson plans include a colouring page to match the theme of the music plans. You can access the colouring pages here.

Musical Instruments

We can supply a vast range of musical instruments for small hands.


Props and Games

We have a range of props and toys that we have designed and had manufactured to work alongside our parties and music lessons. We are pleased to be able to supply these to order.

Mini Minstrels are no longer running children’s parties.